Explanation of Variances 2018

Denstone Village

Name of smaller authority:Denstone Parish Council

County area (local councils and parish meetings only:Staffordshire

Please provide full explanations, including numerical values, for the following:

  • variances of more than 15% between totals for individual boxes (except variances of less than £200);
  • a breakdown of approved reserves if the total reserves (Box 7) figure is more than twice the annual precept/rates & levies value (Box 2).
Section 22016/17 £2017/18 £Variance £Variance %Detailed explanation of variance (with amounts £)
Box 2 Precept or Rates and Levies        14204    15012    808    5.7%  N/A
Box 3 Total other receipts          8485    25969    17484    206%The Parish Council are in the process of purchasing some land and have been given donations from members of the public amounting to £11,350. The Parish also received £5,000 from a local project towards improving the road in the village and also £5000 grant towards re-surfacing the play area in the village.
Box 4 Staff costs        4001    4341    340    8.5%    N/A
Box 5 Loan interest/ capital repayments      0    0    0    0    N/A
Box 6 All other payments          20456    9522    10934    53%In 2016/17 the parish paid out £4731.95  in consulting expenses for the Neighbourhood Plan. Plus the Parish paid for a tree sculpture for the village for the cost of £2500. The Parish also had to pay for the repair to some of the childrens play area equipment amounting to £651. The Parish paid for a lengthsman in the village amounting to £1559 where as nothing as been paid this year. The Parish Council purchased a second defibrillator for the village costing £1710.
Box 9 Total fixed assets & long term investments & assets    55728    107161    51433    92%Members of the Parish Council have recently purchased a few things a second defibrillator in the village amounting £1710, a notice board £400, a tree sculpture £2500, a leaf blower £103.98 and  the Parish Council have re assessed the fixed assets and this is the total assets.
Box 10 Total borrowings    0  0  0  0  N/A
Explanation for ‘high’ reservesBox 7 is more than twice Box 2 because the authority held the following breakdown of reserves at the year end: The Parish Council is in the process of buying some land amounting to £11350 This along with the £10,000 funding and grant already earmarked for various projects is why the bank balance is signifcantley higher than the precept.
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