PC Minutes 30 April 2020

Denstone Village

PC Minutes 30th April 2020

 Attendees: Cllr M Shermer (Chair), Cllr J Mountney, Cllr C Kelly, Cllr K Stratton, Cllr J Turner, Borough Councillor S Sankey and Julie Sadler (Clerk).Also present at the meeting was Russell Whitehurst.  Apologies Cllr L Beckett-Fountain, Cllr B Wright, Cllr E Edmonds and Cllr S Ratcliffe     
 The minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd March 2020. The minutes were agreed by all as a true record of the meeting and will be signed by the Chair and the clerk at the next available meeting.  Clerk and Cllr Shermer
 Declaration of interest None 
 Adjournment for Public Participation – There were no items raised by the public however Cllr Shermer raised that she would like to thank Russell Whitehurst (Lengthsman) on behalf of the Parish Council and the village for all the work that he had done throughout the village during the last month.   
 Matters Arising/Clerk’s report Correspondence Received – the clerk informed the meeting that she had received an email from a parishioner informing her that there were 2 Ash trees with Die Back near his property. An email was sent by the clerk to all the councillors and it was agreed that this should be reported to the landowner. It was confirmed that the landowner was JCB and Cllr Ratcliffe spoke to the Estate Manager at JCB on the parishioner’s behalf. The Estate Manager had agreed to look at the trees. The clerk has relayed this information to the parishioner. Cllr Shermer expressed her sincere thanks for Cllr Ratcliffe’s help in this matter. Audit – The clerk informed the meeting that she had contacted the internal auditor to establish if she was happy to complete the internal audit for the parish council during these difficult times. At the time of the meeting she had not received a reply. The clerk informed the council that the government had agreed to extend the time allowed to complete the audit by 2 months to November 2020. As soon as the clerk hears back from the internal auditor, she will update the Parish Council.                          Clerk
  6.  Planning Applications (Permitted & Refused are decisions by ESBC – P/2019/00570 – Erection of Two Single Storey Dwellings, Land rear of Alvaston, College Road, Denstone – Borough Councillor Steve Sankey informed the meeting that the planning case officer had confirmed that the closing date for this application was the 2nd May and he would be forwarding his report by the 5th May 2020. Upon receipt of that report Cllr Sankey would act within 24 hours.   Cllr Sankey also informed the meeting that Staffordshire Borough Council is undertaking some initial work towards a scoping report and policies update, which will inform a decision on the revision or partial revision of the Local Plan (in October 2020).   As part of this work, they will also be looking at how the recent changes to the NPPF (2019) will affect the existing policies in the made Neighbourhood Plans.   This work is expected to be completed, by September at the latest, and will provide Parish Councils some additional direction towards identifying areas of their respective Neighbourhood Plan policies, which may require review. Cllr Shermer and the clerk asked for a copy of this information so this could be forwarded onto the Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Group as soon as possible. Cllr Sankey informed the meeting that he would send out the details immediately. Cllr Turner asked if there had been any update on the outcome of the planning application at The Ford Croft House Oak Road Denstone ST14 5HT. Cllr Sankey confirmed that there had not been any progress as yet. However, he would contact the case officer for an update and get back to the councillors.   P/2020/00408 – Removal of cladded lean-to on rear elevation and remodelling of existing extension and internal remodelling works, installation of additional rooflights to rear elevation and landscaping to front courtyard – The Old School House, Main Road, Denstone, ST14 5HF – The only issued raised was that perhaps the large area of glazing to the rear is not in keeping with the rest of the building though it was unanimously agreed that there was no real objection to be raised.P/2020/00412 – Listed Building Consent for internal and external alterations to include removal of cladded lean-to on rear elevation and remodelling of existing extension and internal remodelling works, installation of additional rooflights to rear elevation, relocation of staircase and removal of existing spiral staircase – No objections                                      Cllr Sankey           Cllr Sankey
  7.V E Day Celebrations – Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that she had put the details on the Facebook page as agreed. 
  8.Community Voluntary Initiative –Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that she had applied funding of £500 for the volunteers for payment for expenses that had been incurred whilst carrying out voluntary duties for people in the village. She had received confirmation that her request for funding had been agreed but as yet they had not confirmed how much. It was unanimously agreed by the Parish Councillors that the money could be paid directly into the Parish Council bank account. Cllr Shermer and the clerk would keep a record of all the money spent from this. The clerk informed the meeting that she had received a reply from Roy Smith on how much was being done in the village a copy of this email was sent out to all Parish Councillors. However, as yet she had not received a reply from Liz Ratcliffe. It was agreed that the clerk would chase Liz on this. Cllr Kelly spoke about the Government COVID-19 shielding list, stressing that it is important for those who have received the letter identifying them as ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ to register with their NHS number on the following website:   www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable   If they want access to priority for on-line supermarket deliveries, they must answer NO to the following question during the registration process: “Do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment? (e.g. Family/friends)”. Answering NO will add the person to the database provided to supermarkets and they will also get regular delivery of free grocery boxes, including essential items of food and toiletries.  It usually takes a few days to access these services once the registration processed has been completed.   For those who have already registered, the options can be changed at any time by re-submitting the on-line form, which is a very quick and easy process.   Councillor Kelly also confirmed that there is a dedicated ESBC COVID-19 Helpline: 0300 111 8050.  The team can offer help with delivering additional food parcels and care support, where needed.  This number can be used if anyone has concerns about a vulnerable person in the community who may need support at this time.                Clerk
  9.Highways issues Traffic issues & Stubwood sub-committee – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that she had received information from Richard Rayson that the work in Stubwood was ongoing and he would update her as soon as he had anything to report.Potholes – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that she had thanked Richard Rayson for all the work he had done on getting pot holes on College Road and around the village repaired.Footpaths – NonePavements – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that she had thanked Richard Rayson for all the work he had done on getting the pavement resurfaced on Marlpit Lane. 
10.To approve the following payments: Proposed by Cllr Stratton and seconded by Cllr Turner. The clerk informed the meeting that she would send all of the invoices to Cllr Shermer for the outstanding payments. Cllr Shermer would then write the cheques and sign them and get a second signature from either Cllr Stratton or Cllr Edmonds. Webmaster pay for March & April 2020 = £50.00 [LGA 1972 s142 & 144] Clerk’s pay for March & April 2020 (Made by Standing Order) = £379.28 [LGA 1972 s112]Eon Lighting March & April 2020 = £42.81 [Parish Councils Act 1957 s3J Etherington Cleaning Village Hall Toilets for April =£40Payment for the up keep of the graveyard = £500.00J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall Toilets March 2020 = £50.00 (paid)Russ Whitehurst – Lengthsman March & April 2020 plus £6.23 petrol =£161.23JCA Graphics – Sign for Denstone Meadow = £606.00 (paid)Eddie Shermer – Sign for bench Junior play area and Padlock for Railway Line – £48.00 + £13.99 = £61.99(paid)Peter Robotham – Paint for Junior Play area =£97.33 (paid)TaylorMade – Cutting of Hedge at the junior play area and the war memorial = £420 (paid) items for Future Agenda – None               
 Dates of next meeting – Tuesday 2nd June 2020 at 7.00pm 
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