PC Agenda 8 December 2022

Denstone Village

Local Government Act 1972 Sch 12 26th November 2022
Dear Sir/Madam,
Parish Council Meeting of DENSTONE
You are summoned to attend the next meeting of the Parish Council of the above-named Parish. This will be held at 7.00pm on Thursday 8th December 2022 in the Village Hall Denstone
Julie Sadler Clerk to the Parish Council 01335 324692
js.denstonepc@gmail.com Denstone Website http://denstonevillage.uk/
Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 8th December 2022 7pm

  1. To record those, present and acceptance of apologies
  2. To approve the minutes of the 14th November 2022
  3. To receive declarations of interest
  4. Adjournment for public participation
  5. Matters Arising/Clerk’s report
    a. Correspondence Received
    b. Audit Report
    c. External Audit
    d. War Memorial – Cllr Turner
    e. Precept 2023-24 2nd discussion
    f. Join CPRE
    g. Insurance Renewal – Fishing
    h. Highways lighting Maintenance
  6. Planning (Permitted & Refused are decisions by ESBC) – Cllr Turner
    a. Reinstatement of field adjacent to the Oak Road Development – update
    b. NP Review – update
  7. Highways
    a. SIDS update
    b. Feasibility Study
    c. Potholes
  8. Denstone College Liaison
  9. Green Spaces – Cllr Wright
    a. Staffs Way
    b. Section 53 application for the addition of a public footpath along Green Lane
  10. Liaison
    a. Village Hall – Cllr Stratton
    b. Schools – Walking Bus – update – Cllr Mountney
  11. Play Area – Cllr Flower/Cllr Lillistone
    a. Training for Play area
    b. Quote for work on the Play area
  12. Finance – Cllr Ratcliffe
    a. Online Banking
  13. Miscellaneous
    a. How to support Ukraine Families in the Village – update
  14. Payments – To approve the following payments:
    a. Lascombe Consulting – Website – pay for November 2022 = £25.00 [LGA 1972 s142 & 144]
    b. Clerk’s pay for November 2022 (Made by Standing Order) = £412.75 [LGA 1972 s112]
    c. Julie Sadler – Zoom subscription renewal = £143.88
    d. Highway Lighting Maintenance – Eon = £113.87
    e. J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall toilets November = £50
    f. Russ Whitehurst – Lengthsman November 2022 = £80
    g. N Power – Electricity – November £19.93
    items for Future Agenda
    Date of next meeting: Monday 9th January 2023 at 7pm in the Village Hall Denstone.
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