PC Minutes 13 June 2022

Denstone Village

Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 13th June 2022

  1. Cllr J Mountney (Chair), Cllr S Ratcliffe, Cllr B Wright, Cllr E Edmonds, Cllr K Stratton, Cllr M Flower, Cllr K Lillistone, Borough Councillor S Sankey and Julie Sadler (Clerk)
    Apologies: Cllr J Turner and Cllr L Beckett-Fountain
  2. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 9th May 2022 – The minutes were agreed by all as a true record of the meeting. Cllr Mountney (Chair) signed and dated the minutes.
  3. Declaration of Interest – None
  4. Adjournment for Public Participation
    Nothing raised.
  5. Matters Arising/Clerk’s Report
    a. Correspondence Received
    • Grass Verges – The clerk informed the meeting that SCC have contracted TaylorMade to cut some grass verges in the village. If a member of the village has a complaint regarding the cutting of any verges, they should contact SCC on staffscounty@scc.co.uk. Cllr Ratcliffe suggested the clerk contact TaylorMade and ask for a list of the verges covered in the contract. Action Clerk
    • Insurance – The clerk confirmed that she had received confirmation from the Zurich that under the Parish Councils current insurance policy there was no age limit on an employee of the Parish Council. However, they did suggest that a risk assessment was conducted for the position. It was agreed that the clerk would contact the village hall for a copy of their risk assessment and use that. Action Clerk
    • Hedge on Narrow Lane – The clerk informed the meeting that an email was received regarding the overgrown hedge at the junction of Narrow Lane and College Road. The clerk confirmed that Denstone College had agreed to cut the hedge concerned with the agreement of the landowner. Cllr Edmonds volunteered to talk to the landowner and inform the clerk of the outcome. Clerk to reply to the parishioner. Action Clerk& Cllr Edmonds
    • JCB Family Day – The clerk informed the meeting that she had received an invitation to a meeting with JCB regarding the planning of the family day. Cllr Lillistone volunteered to attend the meeting on behalf of the Parish Council. Clerk to forward on the invite to Cllrs Lillistone and Mountney.
    b. Review Accountabilities
    Due to the recent appointment of 2 new councillors, it was agreed to look again at the accountabilities of the councillors. It was agreed that Cllr Lillistone would take on the accountability for the website. Cllr Flower would take on the accountability of Finance along with Cllr Ratcliffe. It was also agreed that Cllr Flower would work with Cllr Beckett-Fountain on the play area. Clerk to update the list of accountabilities accordingly and send out to all councillors. Action Clerk Cllr Mountney suggested that this item stay on the agenda for the near future in case anyone would like to make any further changes.
    c. New Councillors
    Cllr Mountney confirmed that after the last meeting the process was queried on the way the voting was conducted. However, after seeking advice from the SPCA the outcome remained the same.
  6. Planning (Permitted & Refused are decisions by ESBC)
    a. Update on ESBC Forum – Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that Cllr Turner had sent the presentation round that was given at the meeting by Naomi Perry – Head of Planning for ESBC, however there was nothing that we learnt from this session that we did not already know. The presentation was really pitched at Parish Councils who did not understand the planning process at all. There was an open Q&A section at the end of the meeting, and by the tone of some of the questions a number of Parish’s have similar issues with planning that we encounter. 2 Members of the meeting have been in touch with me since to talk to us about our ongoing case as they potentially want to learn from it and offer their support
    Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 13th June 2022
    b. P/2019/01489 – Cllr Mountney confirmed that the Parish Council continue to be in legal discussions with ESBC and although they are moving closer to a conclusion we are still not there yet. Whichever way that ESBC chose to proceed e.g., Planning being granted or not, the Parish Council are ready to act and if necessary, continue the process on to High Court with a Judicial Review. Funds are in place to do this that have been independently raised and our legal team are ready to proceed as quickly as needed.
    c. Neighbourhood Planning Training/Grant – Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that the grant application has been completed and is being submitted, we have applied for the full grant of £10k and have provided details of how that will be spent. The costs will be spent on professional fees to assist us with the process of re-writing our Neighbourhood Plan to ensure our policies are updated where appropriate
    d. P/2022/00691 – All the councillors had no objection to this application.
  7. Broadband – Cllr Sankey
    Cllr Sankey confirmed that there was no further update from the last meeting.
  8. Highways – Cllr Edmonds
    a. Feasibility Study- Cllr Edmonds informed the meeting that the money had been agreed. The Parish Council are just waiting for confirmation when this will commence. Cllr Flower asked what area it covers. Cllr Edmonds confirmed that it was all the village. The study would be addressing traffic issues outside the school, speeding traffic and traffic calming solutions etc.
    b. SIDS update – Cllr Edmonds confirmed that a map had been sent to Lisa Hall (SCC) suggesting where the SIDs would be placed in the village. Cllr Edmonds and Russell Whitehurst would attend a site meeting with Lisa on the 20th July time to be confirmed by Lisa. Clerk to arrange with Lisa. Action Clerk
    c. Potholes – Cllr Edmonds raised the issue of a pothole outside the farm shop and at the island further along. Clerk to take a photo and report to SCC. Action Clerk
  9. Denstone College Liaison – Cllr Edmonds
    Cllr Edmonds gave an update from the last college meeting.
    • There was going to be a traffic inspection at the college.
    • There were 739 children now at the school and this would not change in September.
    • The college are looking to expand the bus routes from the school.
    • Denstone Farm Shop have approved the shuttle bus suggestion. More research is to be carried out on this.
    As you can see this is all positive news. Cllr Edmonds finished by informing the meeting that James Hartley is retiring at the end of this term. It was agreed that a letter of thanks be sent from the Parish Council thanking him for all his support over the years. Clerk to send the letter to the college. Action Clerk
  10. Green Spaces – Cllr Wright
    a. Staffs Way – Cllr Wright raised the issue of the footpath from Alton that joins the main road in the village. A parishioner had asked could the Parish Council do anything about this as it is very dangerous. This was discussed; however, it was agreed that nothing could be done. Cllr Mountney did agree to obtain a map of all land owned by Alton Towers in the area.
    b. Seat on Triangle of land – Cllr Wright informed the clerk that if anyone asks about what has happened to the bench on the triangle of grass on Alton Road, she can confirm that Cllr Wright has taken it for repair. If this cannot be done the Parish Council will look at replacing it. Cllr Wright to keep all informed.
  11. Website
    The clerk informed the meeting that the new councillors’ details had been added to the website.
    Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 13th June 2022
  12. Liaison
    a. Village Hall – Cllr Stratton informed the councillors of the following from the last Village Hall meeting.
    • There was no asbestos in the building.
    • The village hall is looking at installing internet access. Clerk suggested Plusnet if it had not already been installed. Clerk to contact Lynn Shooter. Action Clerk
    • The Village Hall are looking at recommencing the mother & toddler group in the hall. They are looking for someone to run this. Clerk to contact Lynn Shooter to see if they have done a poster that can go on the website and Facebook page. Action Clerk
    • There has been a donation from a member of the village to the hall. Tables for the meeting room have been brought with this kind donation.
    • The village hall has changed the job description of the caretaker. This has already been advertised.
    • The gentleman’s toilets in the village hall are looking to be refurbished prior to the 60th anniversary of the hall.
    • The Village Hall Committee have asked if the Lengthsman could cut the bushes behind the noticeboards in front of the hall. Russ agreed to look at this.
    b. Queens Jubilee – Cllr Ratcliffe informed the meeting that the Jubilee was a great success over 130 people came into the hall, the parade still went ahead despite the weather and so did the bouncy castle for the children. The clerk asked about the cost of the insurance. Cllr Ratcliffe confirmed that one of the organisers would contact the clerk regarding this.
    Cllr Mountney expressed her sincere thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to all the people who were involved with the organisation.
    c. Schools – update – Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that there was nothing to report regarding the schools.
  13. Play Area – Cllr Beckett-Fountain
    a. Action Plan update – In the absence of Cllr Beckett-Fountain councillor Mountney asked if the Parish Council would agree to paying for some paint for the play area. A cost of £75.00 was agreed. Clerk to inform Cllr Beckett-Fountain. Action Clerk
  14. Alton Towers
    Nothing was raised.
  15. JCB – Cllr Ratcliffe
    a. Tree Pruning – The Lengthsman confirmed that he carried out the pruning of the immediate problem, however we were still waiting for JCB to carry out the rest of the work. Cllr Ratcliffe agreed to chase.
  16. Finance – Cllr Ratcliffe
    a. Signing of Cheques – clerk informed the meeting that she had sent of the form for Cllr Wright. It was agreed that Cllr Ratcliffe and Cllr Flower would also become signages for the Parish Council. Clerk to sort out the forms and bring them to the next meeting. Action Clerk
    b. Additional Councillor for Finance – actioned item 5B.
    c. Online Banking – The clerk informed the meeting that this was the next step after the signages were sorted. Action Clerk
    d. Signing off Governance Statement 2021/22 – The clerk informed the meeting that the papers had been returned from the Internal Auditor without any problems. The audit papers were sent out to all councillors before the meeting. The Annual Governance Statement was agreed by all and would be signed off by the clerk and Cllr Turner on the 16th June. Clerk to send to the external auditor. Action Clerk
    Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 13th June 2022
    e. Signing off Accounting Statement 2021/22 – The audit papers were sent out to all councillors before the meeting. The Accounting Statement was agreed by all and would be signed off by the clerk and Cllr Turner on 16th June. Clerk to send to the external auditor Action Clerk
    f. Notice period for Public Rights – The clerk informed the meeting that the public rights notice would be put on the notice boards and website as soon as the documents were signed. Action Clerk
  17. Payments – To approve the following payments: Proposed by Cllr Edmonds and seconded by Cllr Wright. The cheques were signed by Cllr Edmonds and Cllr Stratton and distributed by the clerk. Action Clerk
    a. Webmaster pay for May 2022 = £25.00 [LGA 1972 s142 & 144]
    b. Clerk’s pay for May 2022 (Made by Standing Order) = £412.75 [LGA 1972 s112]
    c. Clerk’s expenses May 2022 – £40.15
    d. N Power – April 2022 = £31.21
    e. J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall toilets May 2022 = £40
    f. Russ Whitehurst – Lengthsman May 2022 = £130.00 + £6.00 petrol =£136
    g. TaylorMade – Service Mower £115.40 and Ped -mower £94.06 total £209.46
    h. Janice Jackson Internal Audit = £75.00
    items for Future Agenda
    How to support Ukraine families in the village
    Support the cost of the village Lengthsman – ESBC
    Date of next meeting: Monday 11th July 2022 at 7pm in the Village Hall Denstone.
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