PC Minutes 14 November 2022

Denstone Village

Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 14th November 2022

  1. Cllr J Turner (Chair), Cllr B Wright, Cllr E Edmonds, Cllr K Stratton, Cllr M Flower, Cllr K Lillistone, Cllr Mountney and Borough Councillor S Sankey, and Julie Sadler (Clerk)
    Apologies: Cllr S Ratcliffe
    7 Members of the village attended the meeting.
  2. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th October 2022 – The minutes were agreed by all as a true record of the meeting. Cllr Turner (Chair) signed and dated the minutes.
  3. Declaration of Interest – None
  4. Adjournment for Public Participation
    • Audit Report – A parishioner raised that the Audit report that was discussed at the last meeting was not presented thoroughly. The chair agreed to investigate this and put it on the next agenda after clarification has been sought. Action Clerk
    • Cllr Lengthsman Funding – Cllr Sankey informed the meeting that there was no available funding anymore.
    • Broadband – Cllr Sankey confirmed that there was no further update on this as he had not received any further correspondence from OpenReach. It was agreed that Cllr Sankey would draft a letter and send it to Cllr Turner to forward onto all members of the village who were originally interested. Action Cllr Sankey & Cllr Turner
    • Cllr Sankey informed the meeting that he had heard that the PSPO (Public Space Protection Order 2022) on the railway line had been removed. However, until confirmation has been received in writing the signs were to remain. It was agreed that the clerk would chase her contact regarding this. Action Clerk
    • Planning Applications – Cllr Sankey informed the meeting that he had been contacted by a member of the village regarding the process where more than one landowner is involved in a planning application and one of them has no intensions of signing off the application. He has contacted the planning department at ESBC and will update the councillors hopefully at the next meeting. Action Cllr Sankey
    • Ukraine Support – Cllr Sankey confirmed that Derbyshire councils are increasing the cost for the hosts of the Ukraine families. However, Staffordshire have not done this. Cllr Turner agreed to draft a letter and send it to the clerk to forward on expressing the councillors’ thoughts on this matter. The clerk has already contacted them regarding the free bus passes. Action Clerk
    • Grants for the Village Hall cladding. Cllr Sankey confirmed that he was looking into grants for the Village Hall towards the cost of the cladding.
  5. New Councillor – The clerk informed the meeting that the vacancy had been advertised and only one person had applied for the position and that was Margaret Shermer. Mrs Shermer stood and introduced herself to the council. It was a unanimous decision to co-opt Mrs Shermer onto the Parish Council and she was asked to join the meeting. The chair welcomed Mrs Shermer to the council. The clerk will inform the ESBC and send Cllr Shermer the necessary forms for completion. Action Clerk
  6. Matters Arising/Clerk’s Report
    a. Correspondence Received – Cllr Turner read out an email regarding Rocester’s Charities from Reverend Liz Jones for all those who are facing increasing hardship. If any member of the council knows of any families in financial need, then they are to pass on the letter explaining the charity supplied in the email. Clerk to send on a copy of the email to all councillors. It was
    Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 14th November 2022
    also raised by a parishioner that the church in Rocester is open Monday to Thursday 9-4 supplying tea coffee and soup. It was agreed that the clerk would contact Liz Jones and thank her for the information. Action Clerk
    b. Review Councillors Accountabilities – Cllr Turner confirmed that the accountabilities were back on the agenda due to a new councillor being co-opted onto the council. It was agreed that Cllr Shermer would take on the accountability of Highways to elevate councillor Edmonds more time to work with Denstone College. Cllr Flower also asked to be included with Cllr Ratcliffe in the accountability for the Tom Boden Trust. This was agreed. Clerk to update the Accountabilities document and forward it to the councillors. Action Clerk
    c. War Memorial – Cllr Turner agreed to move this forward and update the councillors at the next meeting.
    d. Precept 2023-24 1st discussion – The clerk sent out prior to the meeting a document showing the spend so far by the parish council. It was agreed that all councillors would look at the document for their areas of accountability before the next meeting where a more in-depth discussion will be held. Clerk explained the high increase in the expenses so far this year being due to the purchase of the SIDs. However, this will be offset by the generous donation of £5000 from JCB which has now been received.
    e. Village hall Event – 3rd December 2022 – Cllr Turner raised the issue of the parish council’s involvement at the village hall event. It was agreed that Cllr Shermer would start a list of all achievements by the Parish Council over the last few years and send it to the councillors to add to. This list would then be sent to Cllr Lillistone who will go around the village and take photos and send them to Cllr Turner to print out and add some narrative. In the meantime, Cllr Mountney will see if Alton Towers have any boards that the PC can use to display the pictures on. Cllrs Turner, Stratton and Shermer will attend the event and between them answer any questions from parishioners. Action all
    f. Thanks for village Helpers – The Parish Council would like to express their sincere thanks to all members of the village who helped during the flooding. Clerk to write a letter to RTS and Mr Colin Wainwright including Mr Allsopp.
  7. Planning (Permitted & Refused are decisions by ESBC)
    a. P/2022/00977 – Bankhouse Farm – Refused by ESBC
    b. Reinstatement of field adjacent to the Oak Road Development – Cllr Turner informed the meeting that an email had been sent to Naomi Perry ESBC raising this issue. Clerk to chase a response. Action Clerk
    c. NP Review – Cllr Turner explained that the Neighbourhood Monitoring Group would supply a list estimating the spend for the following month prior to the meeting. These will then be discussed and signed off during the meeting.
  8. Highways – Cllr Edmonds
    a. SIDS – The clerk informed the meeting that the SIDs and all the additional parts had now arrived. The clerk will now apply for the license and the company installing will apply for the permit to dig. Both items require signing off by SCC. The clerk agreed to keep the councillors up to date. The total cost of the SIDs will be £6,383.74 excluding VAT which will be claimed back. This payment was unanimously agreed by the councillors. As confirmed in item 6d the £5000 contribution from JCB has been received. Clerk to send a letter of thanks from the Parish Council. Action Clerk
    Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 14th November 2022
    b. Feasibility Study – Cllr Turner informed the meeting that she saw 2 people carrying out the feasibility study in the village about 10 days ago. However, this was at 1pm in the day and during half term when there was very little traffic. Clerk contacted Richard Rayson however yet to receive a reply. Clerk to forward email to Cllr Shermer who will write again.
    c. Potholes – Nothing raised.
    d. Drains – Cllr Wright informed the meeting that the Lengthsman had gone around the village and tested all the drains on the drain map for silt blockage (I.e., he poked a stick down to check if they were silted or clean) He found 40 silted drains which he has circled on the maps which I sent to Trevor Mellor at SCC.
  9. Denstone College Liaison
    Cllr Edmonds confirmed that the meeting had been held at Denstone College and the notes from that meeting had been circulated to all councillors. He confirmed that the head of the college was very keen to get involved in what is going on in the village. Cllr Turner confirmed that she attended the meeting also and one of the issues discussed was the walking bus for children at All Saints School in the village. The Head of the college had volunteered six formers for the walking bus as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. The next meeting will be held during the spring term.
  10. Green Spaces – Cllr Wright
    a. Staffs Way – Cllr Wright confirmed there is nothing to report as he is still awaiting a reply regarding the footpath.
    b. Section 53 application for the addition of a public footpath along Green Lane – Cllr Wright confirmed that the bridleway had been agreed at the meeting on the 14th October.
    Cllr Turner expressed her sincere thanks to Cllr Wright for all the work he has done and is continuing to do on green spaces.
  11. Liaison
    a. Village Hall – Cllr Stratton informed the meeting that the village hall had received a quote for the cladding on the village hall and they are seeking funding from various places to help pay for the cost. The toy sale on 12 November went exceptionally well raising £1000. It was suggested by Cllr Mountney for any future funding events they should try and the facility to take contactless payments.
    b. Schools – Cllr Mountney confirmed that she contacted the school regarding an update of the walking bus idea. However, nothing further to report. Cllr Mountney will pass on the suggestion from Denstone College.
  12. Play Area – Cllr Flower and Cllr Lillistone
    a. Action Plan – There was no further update on the action plan.
    b. Training for Play area – it was agreed that the clerk would book the training course for Cllr Flower for the 20th March 2023. Cllr Flower asked if Laurie was still checking the play area and sending the reports to the clerk. The clerk confirmed that she contacted Laurie directly after the meeting but had not heard anything further. Clerk to chase.
    c. Quote for Work on the play area – The clerk sent out all the quotes collated by Jacquie Payne to all councillors prior to the meeting. The councillors passed on their thanks to Mrs Payne. The quotes were discussed, and it was agreed that Cllr Flower would contact Marmax to check on the standards of the equipment and ask for new quotes for just the gates.
  13. Alton Towers – nothing to be discussed.
  14. JCB – nothing to be discussed.
    Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 14th November 2022
  15. Finance
    a. Signing of cheques – the clerk informed the meeting that she had now received confirmation that Cllr Wright and Cllr Flowers could sign cheques on behalf of the Parish Council.
    b. Online Banking – now all the new signatures have been added and confirmed the clerk will investigate setting up online banking.
  16. Miscellaneous
    a. How to support Ukraine Families in the Village – see item 4.
    b. Support the cost of the Lengthsman – see item 4.
  17. Payments – To approve the following payments: Proposed by Cllr flower and seconded by Cllr Shermer. The cheques were signed by Cllr Edmonds, Cllr Stratton and Cllr Wright and distributed by the clerk. Action Clerk
    a. Lascombe Consulting – Website – pay for October 2022 = £25.00 [LGA 1972 s142 & 144]
    b. Clerk’s pay for October 2022 (Made by Standing Order) = £412.75 [LGA 1972 s112]
    c. Clerks back pay April 2022 – January 2023 = £365.58 – As the standing order will not be changed until January 23
    d. Clerk’s expenses – Stationery = £43.71
    e. J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall toilets October = £40
    f. Russ Whitehurst – Lengthsman October 2022 = £80
    g. Tracy Hyder – gardener – October £49.35
    h. N Power – Electricity – October £31.91
    i. Elan City – SIDs £4300 + VAT £860 =£5160.00
    j. DSK Engineering Services Feet for SIDS – £120.00 + VAT £24.00=£144.00
    k. R P George Posts and Clips for SIDs – £369.74 + VAT £73.95 =£443.69
  18. Clerks Salary Move to Level 17 SLC1 – It was unanimously agreed to increase the clerk’s salary to level 17.
    items for Future Agenda
    Date of next meeting: Thursday 8th December 2022 at 7.pm in Denstone Village Hall.
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