PC Minutes 11 December 2023

Denstone Village

Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 11th December 2023

Cllr J Mountney(Chair), Cllr B Wright, Cllr M Shermer, Cllr E Edmonds, Cllr Ratcliffe, Cllr M Flower, and Julie Sadler (Clerk)

Apologies: Jess Turner, Cllr Stratton and Borough Cllr Steve Sankey – There were 9 Members of the village at the meeting.

  1. The Minutes of the Meeting held 13th November 2023 – The minutes were approved by Cllr Shermer seconded by Cllr Ratcliffe and agreed by all as a true record of the meeting. They were signed and dated by Cllr Mountney(Chair).
  2. To receive declarations of interest


  1. Adjournment for public participation

Nothing was raised.

  1. Councillor Vacancy

Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that this item would be moved to the next meeting due to unforeseen circumstances. Action Clerk

  1. Matters Arising/Clerk’s report
    1. Correspondence Received – the clerk informed the meeting that there was nothing to report.
    2. Renewal of Zoom Subscription – The clerk informed the meeting that the subscription for Zoom was up for renewal. The cost was the same as last year’s £143.88. It was unanimously agreed to renew the subscription.
    3. Hand towels for the outside toilet – The clerk informed that the outside toilet needed some paper hand towels. These were £22.99 for 2000. This purchase was unanimously approved.
  2. Planning (Permitted & Refused are decisions by ESBC)
    1. P/2023/01294 – Erection of a detached purpose-built holiday cottage, specifically designed with facilities for disabled tourist – Inge Cottage, Barrowhill, Rocester, Staffordshire, ST14 5BY – Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that this application was briefly discussed at the last meeting. It was unanimously agreed that the Parish Council had no objections to this application but would like a comment made regarding the traffic speed past the entrance would be their only concern. Action Clerk
    2. P/2023/00041 – Retention of detached garage building and use of first floor as an Aesthetics Clinic (AMENDED DESCRIPTION AND PLANS) – Bankhouse Farm, Oak Road, Denstone, Staffordshire, ST14 5HT – Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that this was a retrospective planning application. The Parish Council agreed that they would not object to the application but would like it pointed out to the ESBC that once again this is a retrospective application. Action Clerk
    3. P/2023/01256 – Erection of a conservatory to the front – The Mill House, Paddock Court , Oak Road Denstone , Uttoxeter – It was unanimously agreed that there was no objection to this application however it was agreed that the clerk would suggest to the ESBC on behalf of the Parish Council that we are entering yet another winter without the promised footpath because of their insistence on requiring all 5 properties to be sold instead of 4 as we requested. Also, still no hedging to the new fence. Action Clerk
    4. Bank House Farm appeal – the clerk informed the meeting that as yet there was no further update from the planning inspectorate on this appeal. The clerk would continue to monitor the appeal and update the Parish Council of any changes.
    5. NP review update – In the absence of Cllr Turner, Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that Reg 16 would end on the 18th December 2023. All representations will then be sent to the examiner. It is expected that the Parish Council will hear from the examiner in the New Year and the Plan will start to hold strong legal weight from early in 2024. Of course further updates will be provided as and when the Parish Council receive them.
  1. Highways
    1. Feasibility Study – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that there was no update on the feasibility study.
    2. SIDs update – Cllr Flower informed the meeting that a meeting was held with John Kavanagh at JCB to update him on the data that the SIDs were providing. The meeting was extremely successful. Mr Kavanagh was delighted with the feedback and stated that this would be included in the in house magazine for all employees of JCB.
    3. Speeding on B5031 – The clerk read out an email from Cllr Sankey informing the meeting that the County Council is currently doing a review on the ‘Rocester Corridor, however it was more likely to recommend that the road nearer to Rocester is reduced to 40, than any change in Denstone. Cllr Sankey suggested that the Parish Council ask highways for the latest available speed data for the stretch of road in question. It was unanimously agreed that the clerk would contact highways and request this information. Also in the meantime it was agreed that the clerk would gather information of the cost of footings for 2 SIDs to go on the B5031. All of this information would be passed to Cllr Flower to report back at the next meeting. Action Clerk
    4. Drains on College Road – the clerk informed the meeting that she had reported the drains outside Richmond House but would chase SCC again. Cllr Flower raised the issue of the water outside Stone House on Oak Road. He stated that water was coming out of the wall even when not raining. Clerk to contact Souths Staffs Water for a possible site visit to see if there is a problem. Cllr Shermer also suggested we have a grit box situated near by as it was extremely slippery when it froze last week. Action Clerk

Russ  also raised that nothing had been done regarding the drain on Alton Road which he reported some time ago. The clerk asked him to send the details to her and she would pass them onto Cllr Atkins. Action Clerk

  1. Liaison
    1. Denstone Show – Cllr Flower informed the meeting that the show committee had held their AGM last week. Prior to the meeting the committee had asked for people to come and join the committee but unfortunately no one attended. The chair of the committee then stepped down and so there is now no committee. Further publicity will be put out asking for new members in January however if anyone is interested in being part of the new committee please email denstoneshow@gmail.com or via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/denstonecountryshow/
  2. Play area – Cllr Flower
    1. New signs – Cllr Flower informed the meeting that the new signs were up and came in under budget which was excellent. Cllr Flower also informed the meeting that the exit gate on the play area needed adjusting. This will be done by Almec shortly. Action Cllr Flower
    2. Play area inspection – the clerk informed the meeting that the play area will be inspected on the 21st December 2023. Cllr Mountney offered her help to Cllr Flower with regards to tidying the play area. Action Cllr Flower
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. DE-Fib at North end of the Village – it was unanimously agreed that the clerk would contact the member of the village who had volunteered to have the defib attached to their garage. Also clerk to contact AEDdonate regarding fitting the defib to a lamp post. Clerk to establish which lamp posts in the village are owned by the Parish Council. Action Clerk
    2. Bus Shelter – Cllr Edmonds informed the meeting that he had a contact number for the glass company that Denstone College use .Action Cllr Edmonds
    3. War Memorial – Cllr Edmonds confirmed he would update the Parish Council in the New Year.
    4. Website Review – Cllrs Flower and Mountney to update at the next meeting.
    5. Village Volunteers – It was agreed that the clerk would produce a poster asking for volunteers for the Parish Council to help with projects in the village. This would be put on the noticeboard, website and the Facebook page. Action Clerk
    6. Carved Tree – Cllr Edmonds informed the meeting that there is a large piece broken off the bottom of the carved tree. Clerk to try and found out who originally carved the tree and contact them to come and look at it if at all possible. Action Clerk
  4. Finance
    1. Precept 2024/25 – After further discussions the Parish Council stated that they would more than likely increase the precept by £4500 to £20,000 and cover the remaining increase from current reserves. However, the clerk was asked to provide the councillors before the next meeting with the following so the Precept can be finally agreed.
  5. Impact this increase would have on the members of the village
  6. Similar sized Parish Councils precepts
  • List of current reserves.
  1. When was the last time the precept was increased.
  2. Payments – To approve the following payments: The clerk went through the payments individually. The payments were Proposed by Cllr Ratcliffe and seconded by Cllr Wright. All payments apart from the £114.89 for Sue Edmonds would be processed online by Cllr Shermer and Cllr Flower. All invoices would be signed and would be returned to the clerk once actioned. The payment for Sue Edmonds would be made by cheque. A cheque for this amount was written at the meeting and signed by Cllr Shermer and Cllr Flower.
    1. Lascombe Consulting – Website – pay for November 2023 = £25.00 [LGA 1972 s142 & 144]
    2. Clerk’s pay for November 2023 (Made by Standing Order) = £494.32 [LGA 1972 s112]
    3. Clerks expenses November – £5.40
    4. Julie Sadler – Hand towels for the outside Toilet – £22.99
    5. Zoom renewal subscription – Julie Sadler £143.88
    6. J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall toilets November 2023 = £50.00
    7. N Power – Electricity – November 2023 £52.86
    8. Stuart Smith Lengthsman – November 2023 £60.38
    9. Signs for Play area £110 + £22 VAT = £132.00
    10. Sue Edmonds – Flowers in the village = £114.89

items for Future Agenda


Cllr Mountney concluded the meeting by wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Date of next meeting:  Monday 8th January 2024 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall Denstone.

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