PC Minutes 2 April 2019

Denstone Village

PC Minutes 2nd April 2019

Point Action
 Attendees: Cllr M Shermer (in chair), Cllr S Ratcliffe, Cllr C Kelly, Cllr B Wright, Cllr P Frampton, Cllr K Stratton, Cllr J Turner, Cllr J Mountney. Apologies Cllr Edmonds and Borough Councillor C Smith Cllr Shermer began by expressing her sincere thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to all those councillors and parishioners who have worked exceptionally hard in the village. 
 The minutes of the meeting held on the 5th March 2019 were proposed by Cllr Frampton, seconded by Cllr Wright and agreed by all as correct. The minutes were signed and dated by Cllr Margaret Shermer. 
 Declaration of interest None 
 Adjournment for public participation –None 
 Matters Arising/Clerks Report Correspondence Received – Safeguarding – It was agreed that the clerk would use the template supplied by the SPCA and put it on the website. Stubwood Hollow – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that she contacted Cllr Atkins and John Kavanagh from JCB and will meet up with them after Easter to discuss this further. Hopefully, she will be able to update the Parish Council at the next meeting. Internal Audit – The clerk informed the meeting that the previous Internal Auditor had now left the village and therefore suggested that we use a lady by the name of Janice Jackson who is recommended by the SPCA. The Councillors agreed in principal however, needed confirmation of the cost of the new internal auditor before a final decision is made. Clerk to contact Janice. Starting time for future meetings – Cllr Frampton informed the meeting that this was no longer an issue. September Meeting – It was agreed that the Parish Council would meet on the 10th September instead of the 3rd. Elections – The clerk informed the meeting that the closure for nominations is the 3rd April. The Parish Council will be informed on the 4th April as to how many nominations have been submitted. Clerk will inform the councillors as soon as possible. SIDS – It was agreed that the clerk would contact Staffordshire County Council with regards to Denstone being included in the rota for SIDS. Public Space Protection Order – It was agreed that the clerk would complete the form and request dogs on lead from the gate on College Road along the railway line all the way to the bridge.    Clerk     Councillor Shermer   Clerk                 Clerk   Clerk   Clerk
6.  Planning Applications (Permitted & Refused are decisions by ESBC below P/2018/00846 – Erection of 10 (four bedroomed) Golf Lodges to provide visitor accommodation, conversion and alterations to front elevation of Pinewood Cottage to provide visitor accommodation, golf office, meeting room and store along with the provision of associated vehicular access, parking facilities and landscaping (REVISED SCHEME AND LAYOUT) – JCB – No Objections  P/2019/00351 – Erection of a single storey front extension – Glen Ruther, College Road, Denstone, ST14 5HR – No Objections  The Parish Council gave advice to a parishioner with regards to a previous application. The parishioner was advised to contact the planning department and raise her objections as soon as possible.   
  7.Teen Play Area Survey – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that she had received 47 comments from parishioners of which 46 were positive. The subcommittee had agreed on 6 pieces of equipment to bring forward to the Parish Council meeting. If agreed the subcommittee would then move forward and obtain 3 quotes for the work and then apply for funding. The 6 pieces of equipment were unanimously agreed that the subcommittee were asked to obtain quotes for the 6 items and also apply for funding on behalf of the Parish Council. The next subcommittee meeting is the 30th April 2019 at 7pm at Cllr Shermer’s house.Cllr Shermer
         8.    Junior Play Area Fence – Cllr Wright is meeting with A & R Fencing tomorrow to discuss mending the fence to the play area. Cllr Shermer also suggested A C Landscapes. Cllr Wright said that he would contact them.Cllr Wright  
        9.Grit Bins– Cllr Ratcliffe informed the meeting that he would know in the next two weeks if JCB would pay for the Grit Bin at the school. He will inform the Parish Council at the next meeting.Cllr Ratcliffe
      10.BKV – Cllr Mountney informed the meeting that everything was moving along smoothly, lots of jobs had already been done, benches had been painted etc. Cllr Mountney also expressed thanks to all those who have worked in the village. Flyers have gone out and Posters been put up. The judges will be visiting between the 1st May and the end of July. The next meeting will be held on the 23rd April at Cllr Mountney’s house.     
      11.Parking Issues at the School – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting thatduring the last Village Hall meeting the problem of parking outside the school on Oak Road was raised Apparantley this is becoming increasingly more difficult. The school are looking at several options, to have double yellow lines put on Oak Road, to line off the Village Hall carpark, however, as parent and child spaces will have to made this will cut down the number of spaces available. The school are going to contact the PCSO to seek advice. David Boden informed the meeting that he has spoken to Cllr Atkins regarding the double yellow lines and the Governor’s of the school are meeting shortly to take this matter further. 
12.Social Media – Cllr Mountney suggested to the councillors that we look at doing an introduction to the councillor on the Facebook page. Cllr Shermer agreed to be the first councillor. However, this would not take place until after the elections. Cllr Mountney was also asked to look into if we could share posts across sites.Cllr Mountney
13.Proposed 20mph speed limit – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that Richard Rayson said that he would look into the speed limit reduction signage and the calming cushions as requested throughout the whole village. However, this would not be a priority. 
14.Country Show Representative – Cllr Frampton informed the meeting that everything was going well, there had been an event’s meeting last week and another one was arranged for the 12 April in the Tavern at 8pm. The next meeting of the whole Country Show will be the 9th May. The date of the show will be 7th September 2019. Cllr Frampton suggested that the Parish Council have a stall of its own. 
15.Village Hall Committee Member – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that items raised at the last meeting were the school issues as discussed in item 11, repairs to the hall and storage issues. The Village Hall have set up a subcommittee to address these issues. It was also agreed that that some hanging baskets would be put up outside the hall along with a list of what’s happening in the hall. Bob Beaumont is looking into the possibility of a new sign for the outside wall of the village hall. 
16.Highways Issues – Traffic Issues & Stubwood sub-committee – please see item 5B.Potholes and drainage issues in the village – Nothing to addFootpaths – Nothing to add.       
17.Finance/Payments – To approve the following payments: Proposed by Cllr Ratcliffe and seconded by Cllr Frampton. Clerk passed the finance folder to Cllr Frampton to check before passing them onto Cllr Ratcliffe. Webmaster pay for March 2019 = £25.00 LGA 1972 s142 & 144] Clerk’s pay for March 2019 (Made by Standing Order) = £340.17 [LGA 1972 s112] Clerks back pay for March 2019 = £15.70 LGA 1972 s112] Clerk’s expenses for March 2019 = £12.45 (LGA 1972 s111) Eon Lighting March 2019 = £20.32 [Parish Councils Act 1957 s3] Eon – Replace SOX Lanterns – £484.80 J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall Toilets March 2019 = £40.00 Tom Boden Memorial Sports Trust = £45.00 – contribution to emptying of the Garden waste bin TaylorMade – Servicing Machinery = £76.80 Bob Wright – Stain for Bench – £15.00 Cavell Portman – Lengthsman = £25.00 
 Items for future Agenda None   
 Dates of next meeting Annual Meeting and Parish Meeting 13th May, 4th June, 2nd July and 10th September 2019 
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