PC Minutes 5 January 2021

Denstone Village

PC Minutes 5th January 2021

 Attendees: Cllr M Shermer (Chair), Cllr C Kelly, Cllr E Edmonds, Cllr B Wright, Cllr J Turner, Cllr J. Mountney, Cllr K. Stratton and Borough Councillor S Sankey.Also present at the meeting was Russell Whitehurst. Apologies: Cllr L Beckett-Fountain andCllr S Ratcliffe and Julie Sadler (Clerk)       
 The minutes of the meeting held on the 1st December 2020. The minutes were agreed by all as a true record of the meeting and will be signed by the Chair and the clerk at the next available meeting.Clerk and Cllr Shermer
 Declaration of interest None 
 Adjournment for Public Participation – None 
 Correspondence Received – None Matters Arising: – Point 8 from minutes 1st December meeting – Thanks to Borough Cllr Sankey for his contact with SCC regarding ‘Dog fouling’ there are signs that the enforcement team have been active. Cllr Turner has put up 4 appropriate posters around the village, we must all stay vigilant regarding this issue. Update regarding the bins on the railway line – The bins are now being emptied each Sunday by J. Etherington, each Thursday by S. Ratcliffe, intermittently by Russ when on his rounds and also once a week (on a casual basis) by D. Boden & his wife. Edward has spoken informally with Rupert and will follow this up in the coming weeks. It was suggested that individuals could undertake litter picking whilst on their regular walks, Cllr Shermer has the sticks and hoops to accommodate this activity. Would the Clerk please contact SCC and ask for two new bins to be sited, one on the railway line and one at the top of Stubwood, Cllr Sankey has positional information for the Stubwood bin. Precept – In the absence of the Clerk, there was no further discussion at this meeting      Clerk and Cllr Edmonds        
  6.  Planning Applications (Permitted & Refused are decisions by ESBC) a. P/2020/01335 – Erection of 3 detached dwellings including new accesses and demolition of existing barn – Ford Croft House, Oak Road, Denstone, ST14 5HT – Following discussion based on the report from the NPMG, it was unanimously agreed that the PC would not raise an objection to this application b. P/2019/01489 – Land south of College Road Denstone – Outline application including details of access to develop land by the erection of 5 No. dwellings (1 comprising 2 No affordable housing units 2 No. over 55’s units and 1 open market unit. (revised scheme) – The NPMG had raised a concern that the expiry date for objections had been extended from 18th December to 13th January and then, seemingly to 21st January. The PC thanked Borough Cllr Sankey for ‘Calling this in’ and he will continue to feedback information as to when this application will be on the agenda for the planning committee so that representation can be made. It was agreed that Cllr Turner would be the PC spokesperson at committee.Borough Cllr Sankey and the NPMG
  7.Drains & Ditches – Cllr Wright has been in touch with SCC who put him in touch with Trevor at highways maintenance who has sent maps of where they think the drains are sited.  Trevor advised that whenever we have problem, we should send a photo and the location reference.  Does anyone know anyone with a metal detector? This would be useful in locating drains that have become hidden due to debris over a period of time.       
  8.Broadband Funding – Borough Cllr Sankey explained that the application process is quite complex.  He explained that Mayfield are doing quite well on the scheme for government funding for superfast fibre broadband to your house.  The Challenge we have is getting the scheme set up in the first place.  Cllr Sankey and his contact in Mayfield will be consulting Open Reach this week to see how we can get it set up.  Cllr Sankey feels that it would be hard for Denstone on its own and therefore it might be better to join up all rural areas, he believes that the scheme is beneficial, it does work, and we will need this type of infrastructure in the village in the future.  Cllr Sankey has got the literature we need to send out, and a letter from our MP, we just need to get it registered and be clear on what area we are trying to register.  Next step?  The cut off for this tranche of funding is the end of March.  Cllr Sankey would like to find out what Open Reach think as it may give us a way forward.  This subject to be added to the agenda for the February meeting.  Cllr Turner offered any further support as needed.      Borough Cllr Sankey, Cllr Becket-Fountain and Cllr Turner
  9.SCC COVID19 Support Fund – Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that there is still currently £274.10 left in the fund so if anyone is aware of anyone who requires some of the funding please contact the clerk. Cllr Kelly mentioned that people will be needing the Community Voluntary transport to help access vaccinations and therefore this scheme may need further funding. 
      10.Website Accessibility – The Clerk has had contact with the SCC digital team and the ‘silver support’ package is looking promising   
11.Community Speed Watch– Russ had received an email from the College asking if they could borrow the CSW equipment as there had been several ‘close calls’ with parents, this was due to be next week however this will now be postponed as the College are in Lockdown.  Russ has gained quotes for permanent CSW signs for the village – £600 to £1500- Russ to send the information to Cllr Shermer and this to be add to February agenda. Cllr Shermer and R. Whitehurst
12.Denstone Meadow – Cllr Edmonds has circulated the December Meadow newsletter to all PC for their information, Cllr Shermer asked for thanks to be given to S. Edmonds for her work and expertise in producing this and asked that the PC receive each monthly edition. Cllr Edmonds updated progress – The Groundworks are done and, weather permitting, other tasks will be undertaken i.e., adding the fishing platform and steps down to the riverbank. It is hoped to start work at the end of February and get the Meadow open a soon as possible. 
13,War Memorial Area – Cllr Edmonds had a chat with J. Jilbert who had previously chatted with M.  Delf about a dry mix to fill the gaps between the paving stones around the memorial, however it is not recommended as the most satisfactory option.  Cllr Edmonds will investigate further and make some enquiries, this to be added to the February meeting agendaCllr Edmonds
14.Highways issues Traffic issues & Stubwood sub-committee – Stubwood- current proposal is to complete the works at beginning of next financial year 2021-2022, Richard Rayson will keep us updated- April onwards.  Potholes & drainage issues in the village – Potholes on Uttoxeter / Denstone / Ashbourne roundabout.  They are terrible on all approaches.  This is the responsibility of Rocester parish.  Borough Cllr Sankey will see if he can get photo’s / measurements and report to Highways  c. Footpaths and Pavements – Nothing.Borough Cllr Sankey
15.To approve the following payments: Proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Stratton. The clerk will send all the invoices to Cllr Shermer for the outstanding payments. Cllr Shermer will then write the cheques and sign them and get a second signature from either Cllr Stratton or Cllr Edmonds. a. Webmaster pay for December 2020 = £25.00 [LGA 1972 s142 & 144] b. Clerk’s pay for December (Made by Standing Order) = £397.80 [LGA 1972 s112] c. Eon Lighting December 2020 = £21.77 [Parish Councils Act 1957 s3] d. J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall December 2020 £50.00 e. Russ Whitehurst – Lengthsman November 2020 = £60.00 f. Urban Vision Enterprise CIC =£1440.00 g. AEDdonate – Defibrillator Pads £87.00 h. Mazars LLP = £240 i. Peter Robotham – Lights for steps – £22.00Clerk and Cllr Shermer
.Items for next meeting: Stubwood housing development – to raise with developers the state of the road, verge etc as it is a huge mess now.  Developers need to understand our expectations of standard required upon completion, Cllr Shermer to investigate contact details. Waterlogged track/railway line – Where can we source additional hardcore? Cllr Shermer to be in touch with the Ranger and ask for details of who/when they have provided access to Crumpwood Weir and what is their responsibility with regards to providing hardcore? 
 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 2nd February 2021 at 7.00pm via https://zoom.us 
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