PC Minutes 6 October 2018

Denstone Village

PC Minutes 6th October 2018

Point Action
 Attendees: Cllr M Shermer (in chair), Cllr S Ratcliffe, Cllr K Stratton, Cllr J Mountney, Cllr P Frampton and Cllr B Wright. Apologies Cllr E Edmonds, Cllr J Turner and Borough Councillor C Smith 
 The minutes of the meeting held on the 4 September 2018 were discussed and agreed by all as correct. The minutes were signed and dated by Cllr Margaret Shermer. 
 Declaration of interest – none 
 Councillor Vacancy – The clerk informed the meeting that she had informed the ESBC regarding Cllr Robotham handing in his notice. In turn they had sent her the declaration which she has displayed in the village and on the website. The clerk also informed the meeting that she put up a vacancy notice for a new councillor with a closing date of 30th September. However as no one has come forward it was agreed that a new notice would be put up with an end date of 31st October.Clerk
 Adjournment for public participation  The meeting was informed that work has now started at the church and due to this there would be no key at the Denstone Farm Shop. The gate to the church grounds will also be locked until the work has finished for safety reasons.The dog sign is missing from the gate from the church onto the Old Railway Line. Cllr Wright informed the meeting that this was taken by the enforcement officer from ESBC as this area is not included in the dog control order. Cllr Wright will contact the ESBC to see if the order can be extended. He will keep the councillors up to date with the outcome.              Cllr Wright
6.  Matters Arising/Clerks Report Correspondence Received – The clerk informed the meeting that there was nothing to discuss from the SPCA Bulletins.Accounts – The clerk brought the accounts for Cllrs Frampton and Ratcliffe to check.Audit Report – The clerk informed the meeting that she had received the Audit Report. It was agreed that a copy would be sent to all councillors and a copy to go on the website. It was unanimously agreed if a member of the village wanted a copy of the report that there would be no charge for this. Clerk to display the Notice of conclusion of the Audit in the usual places.Signatures for the Parish Councils Cheques – Cllrs Shermer and Ratcliffe agreed to become signatures for the Parish Council.Remembrance Wreath – The clerk informed the meeting that she had already spoken to Cavell regarding a wreath. It was agreed that a donation of £40 would be made by the Parish Council.Precept 2019/20 – The clerk informed the meeting that this would be an item on the agenda for the meeting in November and she would send out the documentation before the meeting.      Clerk   Clerk           Cllrs Shermer and Ratcliffe
7 .Planning P/2018/00952– Erection of a detached single storey building to form a Resources and Training Building – Barrowhill Hall Care Home. – No Objections. 
8.End of War Celebrations – Sue Robins informed the meeting of the arrangements for the celebrations commencing at 5.30 pm on the 11th November. Posters are to go up shortly in the village and on the website. Cllr Shermer thanked her for the information and asked if she required any support leading up to the day. Cllr Frampton offered his support, clerk to pass on Cllr Frampton’s contact details to Pauline Jilbert. Clerk also informed the meeting that the celebrations taking place at Wootton had now changed. A Poster will go up shortly in the village once the details have been finalised.          Clerk
9.Country Show – Cllr Shermer would like to congratulate the organisers of the Country Show on behalf of the Parish Council for putting on a successful show at such short notice. Cllr Shermer informed the meeting that she is attending a meeting with the show organisers where she will pass on comments that the parish council have received, ask them what their plans are for next year and congratulate them on a successful show. 
10.Dog Poo Bins – It was agreed that the clerk would contact ESBC regarding the emptying of the grey bin as it is clearly not being emptied. Clerk to contact Sue and ask could she please make sure that the small bins on the Old Railway line are emptied once a week. All councillors were happy with the survey designed by Cllr Frampton and it was agreed that Cllr Frampton would now send this out to the schools.Clerk     Cllr Frampton
11.BKV – A meeting date of the 14th November at 7 pm at 6 The Westlands was agreed for the committee of the Best Kept Village for 2019. Members so far include Cllrs Shermer, Wright, Stratton and Mountney. Robert from the village and the clerk is to contact Mr and Mrs Jilbert to see if they would like to join. Anyone else would be welcome.Clerk
12.Communication – Meet the Councillors –Further discussions were had with regards to councillors having a meet and greet evening at the next AGM so that people in the village could get to meet the councillors or possibly taking a page of the Denstone Diary 2019 to introduce all councillors. 
13.Social Media – Clerk to contact Carolyn Hinton for her thoughts on a Facebook page for Denstone where people could post anything for the village.Clerk
14.Groundsman – The clerk informed the meeting that she has not received any applications as yet for a replacement Groundsman in the village. It was therefore agreed that Cllr Frampton would contact TaylorMade Contractors to see what they would charge. Clerk to contact Oakamoor Parish Clerk to see if their Lengthsman would like to increase his hours to include Denstone. Cllr Mountney agreed to ask the gardener at Alton Towers to see if he would be interested.Cllr Frampton Clerk Cllr Mountney
15.The Graveyard – Clerk to contact the new vicar and invite her to the next meeting again.Clerk
16.Denstone Meadow – Cllr Shermer updated the meeting in Cllr Edmonds absence. 
17.Proposed 20mph speed limit – Clerk informed the meeting that she had still not heard from Richard Rayson or Cllr C Smith. Clerk to contact Cllr Smith again and also Trevor Mellor (SCC).Clerk
18.Village Hall Committee Member – Cllr Shermer advised the meeting that the switch on of the Christmas lights in the village would take place on the 18th November. If anyone would like to volunteer to help please contact Bob Beaumont or any of the Village Hall Committee. 
19.Highways Issues – Traffic Issues & Stubwood sub-committee – Lady-meadow Bridge clerk to contact SCC. Potholes and drainage issues in the village – The drains on College Road are full of grit and stones clerk to contact SCC.Footpaths – Cllr Ratcliffe to look into Old Destone Road footpath  Clerk   Clerk   Cllr Ratcliffe
20.Finance/Payments All payments were proposed by Cllr Wright and Seconded by Cllr Ratcliffe. Webmaster pay for Sept 2018 £25.00 + £26.39 (Renewal Domain) = £51.39 [LGA 1972 s142 & 144] Clerk’s pay for September (Made by Standing Order) = £340.17 [LGA 1972 s112]Clerks back pay for September = £15.70 LGA 1972 s112]Clerk’s expenses for September 2018 = £26.08 (LGA 1972 s111)Eon Lighting September 2018 = £18.22 [Parish Councils Act 1957 s3]J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall Toilets September = £40.00Inspection of the Junior Play Area – Play Inspection Company = £114.00Mazars – External Audit = £240 
 Items for future Agenda Village Show 2019Councillors Christmas drinks 
 Dates of next meeting 6th November, 4 December 2018 and 8th January 2019 
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