PC Minutes 8 December 2022

Denstone Village

Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 8th December 2022

  1. Cllr J Turner (Chair), Cllr B Wright, Cllr E Edmonds, Cllr K Lillistone, Cllr M Shermer, Cllr S Ratcliffe and Julie Sadler (Clerk)
    Apologies: Cllr K Stratton, Cllr M Flower, Cllr J Mountney and Borough Councillor S Sankey (ESBC)
    3 Members of the village attended the meeting.
    Cllr Turner apologised on behalf of the Parish Council for starting late.
  2. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th November 2022 – The clerk informed the meeting that she had left Cllr Beckett-Fountain on the draft minutes in error, this error has now been rectified. The minutes were agreed by all as a true record of the meeting. Cllr Turner (Chair) signed and dated the minutes.
  3. Declaration of Interest – None
  4. Adjournment for Public Participation
    a. A member of the public raised the issue of the Audit Report. Cllr Turner agreed to bring this item forward from item 5b and discuss it in public participation. The member of public raised the issue of the VAT which was detailed in the Audit report. Cllr Turner stated that the councillors were aware of this issue. The auditors had raised this issue with the Parish Council in September. The clerk asked the auditors at the time if the refunded VAT had to be paid back to HMRC but was told by the auditors that this would not be necessary. A full copy of the Audit Report can be found on the Parish Councils website page. http://denstonevillage.uk/mesmerize/your-parish-council/finances/
    b. Cllr Ratcliffe informed the meeting that he had been contacted by a member of the public regarding the Parish Council looking at making Lady Meadow Bridge one way or closing it. It was agreed that Cllr Shermer would raise this issue with Highways (SCC). However, several councillors did point out that if this were to happen it could cause congestion in the centre of the village. Action Cllr Shermer
  5. Matters Arising/Clerk’s Report
    a. Correspondence Received – The clerk informed the meeting that she had been informed that the annual inspection on the play area would take place this week. Cllr Lillistone stated that she had already seen someone checking over the play area. The clerk agreed to send out the report as soon as she receives it. Action Clerk
    b. Audit Report – see item 4.
    c. External Audit – The clerk informed the meeting regarding the email that was sent out regarding the SAAA. Denstone have been allocated Mazars for a further 5 years.
    d. War Memorial – Cllr Turner has now spoken to a member of the village regarding the repairing of the war memorial. She will have more details at the next meeting. Action Cllr Turner
    e. Precept 2023-24 2nd discussion – The Parish Council went through all the items of spend in the meeting. It was agreed that some items would be increased and some decreased. The clerk will send out the new list to all councillors. To help the councillors make the final decision at the next meeting as to whether to increase the precept or leave it the same, the clerk will send out a breakdown of the accounts to all councillors prior to the next meeting. Action Clerk
    f. Join CPRE – it was agreed that the Parish Council would join CPRE for one year. Action Clerk
    g. Insurance Renewal – The clerk informed the meeting that she had received confirmation that the insurance for fishing at the Meadow had been renewed. People who contributed to the purchase of the meadow are the only ones who are allowed to fish there.
    Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 8th December 2022
    h. Highways lighting Maintenance – the clerk informed the meeting that she had received the annual bill for the maintenance of the lighting.
  6. Planning (Permitted & Refused are decisions by ESBC)
    a. Reinstatement of field adjacent to the Oak Road Development – Cllr Turner informed the meeting that the Parish Council had heard back from David Ward the enforcement officer (ESBC) who confirmed that the owner cannot be required to return the gate entrance to its original position, however he has asked for additional hedgerow to be planted in accordance with the hedgerows act by the end of the planting season (March 2023).
    b. NP Review – Cllr Turner confirmed that there were no costs to bring to this meeting but there would possibly be some for the next meeting.
  7. Highways – Cllr Edmonds
    a. SIDS – The clerk informed the meeting that she had now received the license from SCC for the SIDs and this would now be passed onto the company who will install the SIDs for them to apply for the permits to dig. It was unanimously agreed that the clerk would purchase another 2 feet and all 4 holes would be dug at the same time. This would be an additional cost but would save time in the future.
    b. Feasibility Study – Clerk confirmed that she was still awaiting an update from SCC. However, Cllr Shermer and the clerk were meeting with Richard Rayson and Lisa Hall from Highways on the 13th January 2023, where this item will be discussed.
    c. Potholes – Cllr Wright volunteered to send a photo of the pavement repair that is not up to standard to the clerk to forward onto highways.
  8. Denstone College Liaison
    Cllr Edmonds informed the meeting that they would meet again with Denstone College early next term. It was raised that college buses are still going coming down Narrow Lane. Cllr Edmonds to contact the head of the college and ask if they buses can only go up Narrow Lane as agreed. Cllr Turner expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to the college for their continued support over the year and for the use of the stands for the village hall open day. Action Cllr Edmonds.
  9. Green Spaces – Cllr Wright
    a. Staffs Way – Cllr Wright updated the meeting.
    b. Section 53 application for the addition of a public footpath along Green Lane – it was agreed that the clerk should remove this item from future agendas. Action Clerk
  10. Liaison
    a. Village Hall – Cllr Shermer updated the meeting in the absence of Cllr Stratton. Both the Christmas light switch on and the village hall open day were a great success. The village hall has now applied for an alcohol license which will help with events in the future. As reported at the last meeting the village hall had received a quote for the cladding on the village hall and they are seeking funding from various places to help pay for the cost. It was unanimously agreed that the Parish Council would contribute a £1000 to the village hall. Cllr Turner will write to the village hall and inform them of this contribution. Action Cllr Turner
    b. Schools – The Head of Denstone College and the Head of All Saints School have agreed to meet in the new year to discuss the walking bus idea.
  11. Play Area – Cllr Flower and Cllr Lillistone
    Minutes of Denstone Parish Council Meeting 8th December 2022
    a. Training for the play area inspections – The clerk confirmed that she had received confirmation from the insurance company that if the Parish Council are having the annual inspections done by RoSPA (or equivalent) then it’s not necessary for the regular Parish Council inspections to be done by someone who is RoSPA trained. These inspections can be carried out by any volunteer or employee of the council, if the Parish Council are happy that they’re able to identify any faults and report them back to the Council. A record should also be kept of any inspections and any maintenance that takes place.
    b. Quote for work on the Play area – Cllr Lillistone requested a copy of last years annual report of the play area to help sort the action plan. Clerk to send via email. Cllr Flower forwarded a report on all the quotes to all councillors prior to the meeting. It was agreed by a majority that the work will be carried out by AIE. However, before any further action it was agreed that Cllrs Flower and Lillistone would contact Sara Botham to investigate what funding is currently available. Clerk to send on contact details to Cllr Flower and Cllr Lillistone. Action Clerk, Cllr Flower, and Cllr Lillistone.
  12. Finance
    a. Online Banking – now all the new signatures have been added and confirmed the clerk will investigate setting up online banking. Action Clerk
  13. Miscellaneous
    a. How to support Ukraine Families in the Village – The clerk had received an email confirming that Staffordshire funding is directed at the family or individual coming from Ukraine, rather than to the sponsors themselves. However, the letter written by councillor Turner was sent by the clerk to Victoria Wilson SCC all councillors will be kept informed of the response.
  14. Payments – To approve the following payments: Proposed by Cllr Ratcliffe and seconded by Cllr Edmonds. The cheques were signed by Cllr Shermer and Cllr Edmonds and distributed by the clerk. Action Clerk
    a. Lascombe Consulting – Website – pay for November 2022 = £25.00 [LGA 1972 s142 & 144]
    b. Clerk’s pay for November 2022 (Made by Standing Order) = £412.75 [LGA 1972 s112]
    c. Julie Sadler – Zoom subscription renewal = £143.88
    d. Highway Lighting Maintenance – Eon = £113.87
    e. J Etherington – Cleaning Village Hall toilets November = £50
    f. Russ Whitehurst – Lengthsman November 2022 = £80
    g. N Power – Electricity – November and December £41.70
    items for Future Agenda
    Date of next meeting: Monday 9th January 2023 at 7pm in Denstone Village Hall.
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