Police & Neighbourhood Alert

Denstone Village

To Report a Local Incident or Non-Urgent Situation

Phone 101 to report a local incident or non-urgent situation.

Staffordshire Police Website

For all information about Staffordshire Police, please visit their website at https://www.staffordshire.police.uk/ (opens in new tab)

Alerts (Replaces Neighbourhood Watch)

The previous Neighbourhood Watch OWL system is no longer in operation and there are no longer co-ordinators in the police or in the village.

You can sign up to Staffordshire Smart Alert either by clicking through from the Staffordshire Police website or at https://www.staffordshiresmartalert.co.uk/ (opens in new tab). Staffordshire Smart Alert allows Staffordshire Police, local authorities, Neighbourhood Watch and other public organisations to keep you informed about issues affecting your area in a timely way.

Anyone interested in local policing issues can also register on the following website: https://www.neighbourhoodalert.co.uk/ (opens in new tab). They will get alerts of any local incidents or crimes in their area direct to their phones if they wish. 


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